About Resonance Hearing Aids

Our Business is Sound

Resonance Hearing Aids was formed out of a desire to empower individuals through better hearing.  We believe that communication is one of the keys to happiness and success in life and the ability to hear verbal communication, along with the subtleties of our world, should be attainable to anyone.  

How do we offer the same quality hearing aids as the retail shop down your street at one-third of the price? View our comparison chart

  • Hand pick quality hearing aids at wholesale prices 
  • Minimize or eliminate fixed costs and excessive advertising expenses
  • Unbundle sales price so buyers purchase great hearing aids but without unnecessary “check-up” costs
  • Empower individuals with the knowledge to clean and maintain their devices to save on in office repair costs


Working in a brick and mortar retail hearing aid shop for 12 years, I experienced better hearing first hand with hundreds of clients.  I also met a lot of amazing people that could have experienced the joys of better hearing but weren’t willing and/or able to invest in the high cost of a bundled hearing aid package from a traditional audiology clinic.  What I found was that a majority of my clients that did purchase hearing aids were very willing and capable of taking care of their hearing aids and that many of the lifetime services that they payed for with their purchase were rarely if ever used when the right instruction for use and cleaning of their devices was given to them.  By simplifying the buying process and minimizing expenses for everyone, I hope to help more people see how hearing better will improve their quality of life!

Find out more information about how to obtain an Audiogram, how to read your results, and understanding the process of choosing the best hearing aids for your needs. 

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