Resonance Hearing Aids

Resonance Hearing Aids has simplified the process of choosing the hearing solution that is right for you.  We’ve paired with two different manufacturers to offer three hearing aid options to fit nearly any hearing loss.   All three options are offered in the popular slim-tube behind-the-ear style to make maintenance of the devices easy for anyone.

Simple, natural, and easy-going. Charm has an appeal patients find hard to resist. It’s refreshingly straightforward, with just the right amount of features to please. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Charm has all the essentials you need. Rich, natural sound. Noise-eliminating technologies. Intuitive operation. It’s the kind of hearing solution you will love. Pure and simple. 



High-tech in the smallest of spaces.  Clever, smart and practically unnoticeable.  Two different performance classes are available for you to choose from, giving you a broad spectrum of function options and corresponding fitting flexibility.  AutoSurround and SpeechBeam+ provide optimum 360 degree speech clarity and brilliant sound.  Bluetooth connectivity gives the user seamless integration with cell phones and other Bluetooth devices.


Number of Channels
4 8 16
Directional Microphones
Yes Yes Yes
Feedback Eliminator
Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Compatible
No Yes Yes
Background Noise Reduction
Mild Moderate Advanced
Frequency Transposition
No Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Cost (per aid)
$495 - More Info > $695 - More Info > $945 - More Info >

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