Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance

Keep Your Digital Hearing Aids in Good Condition

Depending on the types of hearing aids you have, there are more in depth and specific ways of cleaning and maintaining them. Overall, the idea is to make sure you use a cloth and simply clean them without any water or solution every day. You want to be sure to avoid any fluids and cleaners because they contain potentially harmful chemicals which could damage both your ear and the hearing aids. 

Is Your Hearing Aid Performing Poorly?

If you notice a disruption or a distortion of sound resulting in a lesser ability to hear, first examine your hearing aid to see if there might be buildup or blockage that can be easily removed. You might notice that the channels are blocked and require more thorough cleaning.

Maintaining your hearing aids to perform at the maximum possible level is important - and typically if your hearing aid begins to fail you, you will notice, even if the difference is subtle. Depending on the issue, you might be able to have the digital elements recalibrated or possibly have parts replaced entirely.

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