Common Hearing Aid Questions

Learn More About Your Hearing Test or Hearing Aid

How do I know if a hearing aid would help me?

If you’ve begun to experience difficulty hearing others, the first step in finding out if a hearing aid will help you is to get your hearing tested.  Resonance Hearing Aids recommends choosing a local provider to obtain a hearing test.  Find a local provider. After a hearing test is obtained, you can learn more about how to read the test results here.  

How do I maintain my hearing aid?

Please visit our cleaning and maintenance page to learn about care and troubleshooting.  You can also refer to your user manual to learn about your specific hearing aid.

Do I need two hearing aids if I have hearing loss in both ears?

In most cases it is recommended to wear hearing aids on both ears when a hearing loss is present in both ears.  The human brain understands speech much better with the combination of improved hearing from both ears.  Also, it can be quite beneficial for spatial senses to have the heightened ability to hear from both sides rather than just one.

How do Resonance Hearing Aids compare to those sold down the street?

We’ve paired with two of the leading hearing aid manufacturers to offer modern digital at one-third of the price of a traditional hearing aid retail shop. See how we compare to other popular brands.

What if the hearing aids don’t sound right?

It often takes a week or two for the brain to get used to hearing in a new way.  Start gradually and work your way up to wearing the hearing aids all day. Resonance Hearing Aids offers free adjustment of the hearing aids during the warranty period.  Just send them to us in the hard shell case that came with them inside the shipping box.  Include a note about how it sounds (ex. too loud, too soft, sounds tinny) along with your name and phone number. We’ll make an adjustment to the sound and send them back to you.

What is your return policy? 

We offer a no-hassle 45-day money back return policy for hearing aids and accessories.  Just pack the devices as well as all parts and accessories back in the box they were shipped in and send back to Resonance Hearing Aids.  Trial period begins date of original postmark and returned box must be postmarked within 45 days of that date.  Shipping charges are non-refundable.  It is recommended to call or email Resonance Hearing Aids prior to return; we may be able to help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Do you have other hearing aid questions? Contact us today to get more information and feel confident in your purchase.