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Degrees of Hearing Loss

Mild hearing loss: An indication of mild hearing loss is the inability to hear soft noises and sounds like whispers. Typically those having trouble in normal conversation with noisy surroundings are considered to have mild hearing loss.

Moderate hearing loss: Any sounds in the background typically inhibit those with moderate hearing loss from being able to hear a conversation or speech. Soft noises are not heard and mid-range sounds might also not be heard.

Severe hearing loss: Typically severe hearing loss required speech to be heightened in volume. Most often, those experiencing severe hearing loss need those around them to be conscious of their inability to hear normal levels of conversation and take measures to speak louder than normal.

Profound hearing loss: While this designation can range up to deafness, profound hearing loss means normal conversation is not feasible without some sort of assistance by a hearing aid. The only sounds that will be heard naturally will be very loud noises.