High-tech in the smallest of spaces. Clever, smart and practically unnoticeable. Our premium performance class; designed to help the user hear in even the most challenging listening environments. AutoSurround and SpeechBeam+ provide optimum 360 degree speech clarity and brilliant sound. Bluetooth connectivity gives the user seamless integration with cell phones and other Bluetooth devices.

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For an Active Lifestyle

Premium blue-tooth hearing technology designed to help the user enjoy everything the world can bring, even the most challenging listening environments.


  • 16 channels with wide dynamic range compression
  • Harmonious aesthetic design
  • Autosurround 4 fluidly adapts to any listening situation
  • Slim tube fitting for a comfortable, natural feeling
  • Multiband adaptive directional microphones zoom in on important sounds such as speech
  • Automatic feedback cancellation eliminates annoying whistling before it starts
  • Surround Optimizer + seamlessly adapts for the maximum amount of noise reduction and clarity of speech
  • Sound Impulse Manager reduces abrupt annoying sounds
  • Sound Restore uses frequency compression to transfer inaudible sounds to the auditory range
  • Active Wind Block
  • Compatible with Resonance Basic and Bluetooth remotes
  • Size 13 Batteries for long life
  • Includes storage case, cleaning tools, 2 month supply of batteries, and multiple sizes of tubes and eartips
  • Fits mild to severe hearing losses


  • Free programming based on your audiogram
  • Ships to your door in 3-5 days
  • Complimentary fine tuning of sound of hearing aids
  • 45 day return policy