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Otitis Media: Treating Hearing Loss in Children

February 18, 2016

Children must hear to comprehend language, process the meanings of words, and develop proper speech and language skills. However, Otitis Media is a detrimental condition that can inflict children with hearing loss. Although Otitis Media can hinder speech and language skills, audiologists can perform audiograms and provide hearing aid devices to help children overcome the condition. If your child is experiencing hearing impediments, you should learn about the condition and the treatments for Otitis Media that the best audiologists can provide.

Otitis Media

Otitis Media is a condition in which the middle ear becomes inflamed or infected. The condition is often facilitated when an excessive amount of fluid accumulates within the open space of the middle ear. The Eustachian tube connects the back of the throat to the middle ear. Because the tube is significantly smaller in children, the small size makes it easy for fluids and germs to rise up the tube and become clogged or congested in the middle ear. For instance, germs and fluids can inflame the middle ear when children experience common colds, flus, and infections. Typical symptoms might indicate that your child is experiencing Otitis Media, including inattentiveness, irritability, frequent scratching of the ear, failing to hear and understand directions, and needing to turn the volume of the television or radio up to exorbitantly high levels.

Hearing Loss

Children with Otitis Media should receive audiograms because the condition can cause hearing loss. The infected fluids clogging the middle ear can obstruct sound waves and prevent the waves from being successfully transmitted to the inner ear. This can cause temporary hearing loss, or the condition can cause significant hearing loss that persists for an extensive period of time. This is especially detrimental, for infants and young children must consistently hear and comprehend the verbal speech of adults to develop effective speech and language skills. As a result, studies demonstrate that children who suffer from hearing loss induced by Otitis Media struggle to process sounds, fail to understand verbal nuances, and are unable to develop appropriate speech and language skills at the same rate as their peers.  


The top audiologists can provide treatment for Otitis Media. The experts can evaluate the middle ear of your child, provide medicine to alleviate the congestion and inflammation, and then conduct hearing tests to determine the level of hearing loss your child is experiencing. Premier audiologists can then provide hearing aids to ensure that your child develops proper speech and language skills. Studies show that hearing aids are highly effective and reliable for children who are incurring Otitis Media and hearing loss issues. The hearing aids can enable the children to hear effectively, process verbal sounds, comprehend language nuances, and perform at substantially higher levels on speech and language tests. Additionally, studies also indicate that the children do not experience any inconveniences or stigmatic responses from their hearing aids. Instead, parents often embrace the hearing aids because modern technologies have created devices that are discreet, comfortable, effective, and easy to utilize.  

Contact Resonance Hearing Aids to help provide treatment for your children. Our expert staff possesses the advance knowledge and superior skills required to treat any Otitis Media or ear infection conditions. We offer the best audiograms and hearing aid products on the market, we can customize the hearing treatments according to your specific needs, and we would be glad to help your child overcome Otitis Media and develop exceptional communication skills.