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5 Tips for an A+ Hearing Test

April 7, 2016

As we age, our hearing may begin to deteriorate. In fact, roughly one third of seniors between the ages of 65 and 75 experience presbycusis, which is age-related hearing loss. However, anyone of any age can experience a decrease in hearing making it important to have a hearing test. While a majority of hearing loss is created over time, there are some preventative methods to maintain your hearing for as long as possible.
  • Wear Protection in Loud Environments: Often times we experience hearing loud noises that we cannot control, such as a loud bang or emergency vehicle. It is important though to wear protective headgear when you do know you will be in a loud environment. Loud situations can include gun ranges, car racing events, fireworks shows, or other loud events. Many people work in loud environments, so if you work in a facility that has constant loud machinery, it is important to protect your ears to reduce the decibel level.  
  • Be Cautious with Loud Music: Wearing headphones to listen to music is a great way to enjoy it without disrupting others. However, if you listen to your music with your headphones at the maximum volume, you could cause your hearing to deteriorate more quickly than it would have if you didn’t. Also, if you are an avid concertgoer, be wary that it may affect your hearing in the future. Review the NIH’s website for more information on hearing loss and music.
  • Kick that Cigarette Habit: Smoking cigarettes can cause lung disease, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, cancer, and other debilitating health issues. Among all of these terrible issues, it can also hurt your hearing. Research has found that smoking can decrease blood flow to the middle and inner parts of your ear causing your hearing to deteriorate. The next time you see your doctor, or if you go to help yourself stop smoking, discuss a test and ask them to review your audiogram results with you.  
  • Keep Ears Clean: When it comes to keeping your ears clean, it is important to do it properly. Also, know that it is also normal and helpful to have some earwax in your ear to protect it from dirt and other debris from entering. Many people believe that using cotton swabs will keep ears clean, when in fact, it can be pushing earwax further into your ear causing blockage, or you may be hitting parts of your ear and could be damaging your ear drum. This takes safe and normal earwax to a risky situation as all of the bacteria it caught then goes deeper into your ear. Talk to your doctor about safe methods to clean your ears and research at-home irrigation kits.
Whether you have been protecting your ears from damaging noises and still experience hearing loss, of you just have began to lose it with age, a hearing aid may help. Review our frequently asked questions if you experience this and reach out to your doctor for a test. If your doctor advises hearing aids to help you, our hearing aids are available for a fraction of the price and the quality you are looking for to live a happy lifestyle. Give us a call at 720-660-8960 to get started!