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Information and Hearing Test Resources for Parents with Children Experiencing Hearing Loss

May 4, 2016

It is a scary experience for parents with children experiencing hearing loss. Whether the child is a newborn or in grade school, it is a scary experience. However, with a quick hearing test, you can determine your child’s situation and get on a path to make their situation better. Below are tips to work through a difficult situation.
  1. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Did you know it is a United States law that every newborn must have their hearing tested before they are allowed to leave the hospital? The practice is called Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI). This allows parents to rest assured after their child is born to know the initial status of their hearing. Babies that do not pass the screening will come back before they are three months old to be re-evaluated until they are six months old. Parents can find more information about screening and evaluations from the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).
  2. Technology and Methods: Depending on the severity of your child’s hearing loss, you have a few different options that may be recommended by your doctor. First, hearing aids are one of the most common ways of improving your children’s hearing loss and provide a normal happy life. However, sometimes a hearing aid is not enough for those with extensive loss. In this instance, your doctor may recommend a cochlear implant placed within your child’s inner ear to help them pick up sound.
  3. Hearing Rehabilitation: Audio rehabilitation will help your child manage their hearing loss and adapt to their new hearing loss device. By working with a specialist, your child will be able to learn how to communicate with others better. These appointments can be great for both the child or the family as a group to help you as a parent achieve a better understanding of what your child is going through.  These services will also help to improve your child’s speech, assist them with picking up visuals and handling noises and experiences with their hearing device.
  4. Financial Assistance: If you're in need of assistance paying for devices to improve your child’s hearing, it's out there. First, look at your health insurance and see how much is put toward hearing devices. Next, 20 states including Colorado have state insurance mandates for hearing aids. According to ASHA, law requires insurance providers to cover hearing aids for those the age of 18 when they are in need. This will provide funds for a new hearing aid every five years or if their current device no longer meets their needs. They explain coverage also includes initial assessment, fitting, adjustments and their auditory training. Visit the Funding Resources through Local Agencies/Programs for more assistance options.
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