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After your Audiogram Results: New to Hearing Aids? Tips to Adjust

May 11, 2016

Our sense of hearing occurs by our ears using vibrations that we perceive as sound. The brain processes these sounds, and after time of not being able to hear, we lose that ability. There are many ways that hearing loss can occur, and it can be intimidating at first. Plus, depending on how long you went without getting an audiogram and finding a solution for your loss, it can be difficult to get skills back for speech and hearing noises. Hearing aids will help you. Here are some tips and things to know for those new to wearing aids.
  1. Take Time to Adjust: Just as it takes you time to adjust to anything, it takes time to get used to wearing new hearing aids. You need to take small steps. You most likely will not be able to put your hearing aids in and leave them in all day. Work your way up by wearing them more and more each day until you adjust. Also, since your brain has not been able to perceive certain sounds for a period of time, you will need to re-teach yourself. One of the best ways to do this is read things out loud to yourself and also listen to others making those sounds. Pay attention to everything around you and keep track of your thoughts for your doctor.
  2. Involve Friends and Family: As you adjust to your lifestyle and life with hearing aids, you are not in this alone. Involve those close to you in your journey; include some visits to your audiologist as you adjust to the near hearing aids. By bringing them to your visits and meetings it can also help them understand what you are going through and how they can help you adjust.
  3. Brace for the Small Things: When you are wearing your new hearing aids, background noise might be overwhelming or a nuisance to hear all the small noises that you hadn’t before. From buzzes and beeps, to clicks and steps. It can seem very loud and unpleasant. Know that this sensation will be temporary. The longer you wear and adjust to your new hearing aids, all of these noises will normalize out and will not seem as loud. From the small noises to adjusting with family, 40-year hearing aid user Gael Hannan shared her experiences on The Hearing Review, which can be helpful for those adjusting to new hearing aids.
  4. Take Care of Your New Hearing Aids: As with any new piece of technology, be sure to take care of your hearing aids so they can maintain their quality. After taking them out, always leave them in a safe place where they will not get knocked off or lost. If things do go wrong with them, do not try to fix them yourself. Talk to your local store where you purchased them from on what your issues are so you do not break them. Also, definitely ask your audiologist questions if you have any questions about them as you go in for routine hearing tests.
While you may have to pay for hearing aids to be able to get that ability back, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg. At Resonance Hearing Aids, we offer premier hearing aids at prices lower than you would normally pay. We will also help you with knowledge to clean and maintain your devices so they last as long as possible. Read some of the most common hearing aid questions from our customers and give us a call at 720-660-8960 for help getting started.