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Does Your Child Need a Hearing Test?

May 18, 2016

Over three million children, including four out of every thousand newborns, suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Because it is so common, it’s important that parents learn how to identify signs of hearing loss in children so they can seek professional help. Parents, learn more about children’s hearing health and keep your eyes peeled for these signs that could mean it’s time for a hearing test:

Turns up the volume too loud.
Does your child dial up the volume on the TV or radio to an uncomfortable level? Some parents may chalk this up to kids being kids, but the reality is that it could mean your child needs a hearing test. How can you tell? If you feel like it’s too loud, but your child does not seem bothered by the volume, he or she could need a hearing test. If your child is not in control of the volume on the TV or radio, check any headphones that he or she does use to see how the volume is set.

Does not respond to environmental sounds.
Kids will naturally jump or become startled at loud, sudden noises. Even newborns will typically begin to babble, fidget or cry when exposed to noise. If your child does not exhibit this kind of behavior, it may be time for a hearing test to determine if there is hearing loss. The same applies to when children do not respond to their name being called even if you’re saying it repeatedly and within a close distance.

Delay in speech development.
Young children learn new words by listening to and imitating people around them. If a child is suffering from hearing loss, however, he or she cannot properly hear and therefore will have a delay in speaking skills. Have you noticed that your child is lagging behind in speech development? Although it may take a while for children to learn how to put together full sentences, they should start learning words for items around the house early on. If you notice any abnormalities in your child’s speech development, you may want to discuss this with a doctor and ask if a hearing test is appropriate.   

Cannot locate a sound.
Can your child locate where sounds are coming from? Look for subtle signs that your child is having trouble identifying where a sound originates. For example, take a walk outside and see if he or she can tell where the barking dog or singing bird is located. Even if your child can hear the noise, if he or she cannot figure out where it’s coming from, this could indicate hearing loss and signal the need for a hearing test.

If your child’s loss of hearing requires the use of a hearing aid, contact Resonance Hearing Aids with any questions or concerns that you may have. The team of experts at Resonance Hearing Aids is standing by to help match your child to the hearing aid that best suits his or her needs and lifestyle.